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5 Development Trends Of Filling Machine

- Dec 23, 2017 -

5 development trends of filling machine

High speed and precision are two characteristics of the filling machine.With the development of economy, the packing workers suffered a lot of pressure, they not only need to responsible for filling machine production arrangement, also need to focus on packaging machinery may appear in the new technology and new development.Here are some of their findings.

  1. The delivery date is shorter.After the economic recovery, packaging workers will have more production lines, projects and orders, and they will require the filling machine suppliers to deliver a complete production line in the shortest possible time.Budget needs to be considered, but the industry growing demand, food and beverage industry, in particular, determine their needs in a tense period get a highly integrated solution, to deal with the current intense market competition.

  2. Flexibility and adaptability.Packaging machines have long sought to improve flexibility because of its high flexibility, which means it can select more different containers to accommodate hats, stickers, gloves and other products.Packaging workers hope that the packaging function will adapt to different sizes/shapes of containers as standard functions and do not require additional attachments or custom solutions.

  3. Quick conversion.In recent years, the value of the inventory unit and the retailer's orders to avoid inventory have prompted calls for faster conversion of the packaging machine.Market demand drives scientific and technological progress.When cleaning, this should be used to remove pistons, clean cylinders and reset valves. Now, components such as pistons, cylinders and valves can be cleaned with hot water or steam direct injection plugs.For a list of filling machines, there is also a tendency to support the reduction of common changes, and even sometimes, in order to change the size of a list of filling machines, no change is required.

  4. Comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act. For the filling machine, any piece of the bill with regulations on dust removal requirements is a big deal. Because of the inherent design of pistons, pumps and check valves, filling machines tend to have a tendency to compound "fluid pathways." The aim of the dust removal force is to quickly remove the hose and the like without the necessary tools and there is no hidden fluid passage.

  5. Multifunction device. The packaging staff required the machine to have multiple functions, not just the traditional single pack filler / sealer. For example, bottles and hats work the same way as a professional machine during the last packing operation. The hub mode generator also wanted the device to be flexible enough to accept more different forms of packaging, including shape, size, material and closure structures.