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Anti-corrosive Liquid Filling Machine Is Shipped To The Netherland

- Nov 29, 2017 -

This customer contacted us last month,due to some problems in the middle of payment, so untill this month to ship, but still thank the customer's trust.Today the Anti-corrosive liquid filling machine has been shipped to Guangzhou airport,and will be shipped to the Netherlands via today's flight.


This machine specially designed for powerful toilet cleaner,all the parts which contact with the toilet cleaner are made from plastic.This machine uses a compressor as the power ,is workable without any external electric power,it’s easy to adjustment filling volume and speed ,easy use,safety and reliability,suitable for filling toilet cleaner or caustic liquid.

Air consumption: 0.035m3/min

Filling range:  200-1000ml

Filling accuracy:  0.5%

Production capacity:10-25bottles/min

Net weight:50kg