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Brief Introduction Of The Reverse Osmosis System

- Dec 01, 2017 -

Reverse osmosis technology is the most advanced and effective desalting technology in the world for physical separation with macromolecule membrane, reverse osmosis equipment composes of reverse osmosis membrane component,which is the core, high pressure multilevel centrifugal pump, high pressure pipe control valve and protective device, and can effectively remove dissolved salt, colloid, bacterium, virus and most organic from water. 

The reverse osmosis membrane desalt technique features higher efficiency, cost effective and reliable compared with common ion exchange and distilling method

(1) to prevent the colloidal substances and suspended solid particulate fouling;

(2) to prevent fouling of the organic matter;

(3) to prevent microbial fouling;

(4) to prevent oxidizing substances on the oxidative damage of membrane;

(5) keep stable reverse osmosis device; 

2. RO System:

Membrane element with the highest international standards on "CSM" companies with polyamide composite membranes, the components have three layers of film composition, surface for aromatic polyamide material, thickness of about 2000, and is supported by a microporous polysulfone layer, can endure high pressure and tension of mechanical and chemical erosion better resistance, NaCI, CaCl2, MgCI2 has the removal rate of 99%. Choose specifically for pressure membrane shells volume type glass steel tube shell membrane element. Inside sleek breeds bacteria, and anti-corrosion.

3.Dosing System: Adopting Italy 603 dosing pump, used before ro system

4.PLC controller:Fully automatic, with water quality monitoring screen
5 .Accessory system: Equipped with SS304 pipeline, flowmeter, pressure gage and so on.

6.Application field: electronics, power, photovoltaic, beverage, medicine,mineral water making,juice,wine,chemical, medicine, dyeing field, middle water recycling and sea water desalination etc.

Flowchart of Reverse Osmosis System