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Installing Of Fixed Type Vacuum Emulsifying Machine In New Factory

- Oct 26, 2017 -

This new factory  is professional in making shampoo ,lotion and skin care products.This project was installed by our engineers and will be completed this week.Below are pictures to show the vacuum homogenizer emulsifier machine.


Fixed-type emulsifier can be used for biomedicine; food industry; daily care products; paint inks; nano-materials; petrochemical; dyeing auxiliaries; pesticides and fertilizers; plastics and rubber; Its multi-function to become the highlight of customer choice, more competitive price make it attracted a number of customer's vision. On the one hand, this pot can be completed finished all the steps that lift-type emulsifier can do, on the other hand, the request of height will be lower, because the motor can also be made horizontal.

When the raw materials completely dissolved in the oil and water pot, the liquids can be sucked under negative pressure to the vacuum pot totally.And then the dissolved material is the main pot in the homogenization of the first fine after grinding, and instantly evenly dispersed emulsion, after high-frequency cycle of exhaust system, and ultimately get a fine bubble-free and stable high-quality products.

For fixed-type vacuum homogenizer emulsifier,the feature can be below

1.Size/dimension:based on the capacity of vacuum homogenier you choosed

2.Shape:as the picture showing

3.Material:connect part:SUS316L outside:SUS304

4.Custom design:can made based on your drawing

5.Custom drawing:we can drawing for you based on your request

6.Service :1-3years after-sale service after delivery

7.Certificate :CE UL ISO

8.MOQ:1whole set or only one main pot,only water or oil tank

9.Sealing:Adopting bergman Machinery Seal,Japan NSK Rolling Bearing;

10.Electric parts:imported abroad