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Mixing Speed Has A Great Influence On The Emulsification Of The Product

- Dec 14, 2017 -

Mixing speed has a great influence on the emulsification of the product.

The type, performance and structure of emulsifying equipment have great influence on the stability of cosmetic emulsion;

Different cosmetic emulsions have different requirements for emulsifying temperature, such as temperature control, which can also destroy the stability of emulsion.

Emulsifying time, in order to obtain stable cosmetic emulsion, it is necessary to obtain the appropriate emulsion time according to the experiment, so that the emulsion can be fully emulsified and stirred to ensure the stability;

The high-speed operation of the emulsifying equipment,can let the oil phase and the aqueous phase of the material in the emulsification tank to be fully mixed. The higher of mixing speed,the higher of production efficiency can be obtained. The stirring speed of many traditional emulsifying equipment is too low. The water and oil phase are not fully mixed, the general stability of the finished product is poor, the quality is not good, can only do some simple low-end products. And if the mixing speed of the emulsifying equipment is too high, the air will be stirred to form a bubble into the system, making it a three-phase system, leaving the cosmetic emulsion unstable.

The vacuum emulsifier solves this problem, and its vacuum function avoids the entrance of the air during the mixing process.And vacuum emulsifying machine of the precision of the stator and rotor cooperate with convection mixing, the mixing speed can make the material every kind of hundreds of thousands of times under high speed shearing, vacuum emulsifying machine superior performance is guaranteed the cosmetics emulsion mix and avoid the generation of air bubbles, can guarantee the stability of the emulsion cosmetics, greatly improving the quality of the products, very suitable for production of high-grade cream cosmetics products.

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