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On The Development Of Labeling Machine

- Dec 23, 2017 -

On the development of labeling machine

The development of labeling machine also symbolizes the progress of automation. From simple imitation to semi-automatic design, to fully automatic design and now non-standard automation, this step-by-step verification of the automation progress. In this process, we imitate and introduce foreign technology and products as well as the traditional domestic craftsmanship, and design a labeling machine that is suitable for our country's factory production mode. As China's industrial enterprises to improve product quality requirements, reduce costs, labeling machine's rapid growth in demand. On the whole, the development of labeling machine has gone through three stages。

1,Semi automatic labeling machine

Semi-automatic labeling machine means that the need for human assistance, can not operate independently, significantly reducing people's work difficulty and improve work efficiency. Now we can still see the semi-automatic labeling machine work figure. For example: supermarket price tag machine is the use of a typical semi-automatic labeling machine. Semi-automatic labeling machine flexible, wide range of applications, the price is cheap, in all walks of life have a broad market prospects.

2,Automatic labeling machine

With all walks of life more and more high to the requirement of production efficiency and reduce the cost, the purpose of the automatic labeling machine is spontaneously automation enterprises developed, automatic labeling machine manual to complete labeling work, only need technical personnel equipment maintenance management, can perform automatic production for automatic production line.

With the growing labeling machine market, the demand for fully automatic labeling machine is also increasing, while the automatic paste machine technology is also constantly improving its performance and characteristics of the labeling equipment are very Complete and advanced. Automatic labeling machine in the packaging industry needs equipment is already the most important, automatic labeling machine is the market choice.

Fully automatic labeling machine is constantly innovating in technology, improving performance, and making it more and more consistent with customers' needs.The rapid development of the automatic labeling machine show in its technology, automation, high efficiency and increase function, etc., which make it more widely, the applicable scope of the labeling process more simple easy to operate.

3,Humanized labelling machine

Since the beginning of 2010, the automatic labelling machine has been unable to meet the demand of the factory for automation, and the humanized labelling machine has entered the golden development period.This is reflected in the beauty of the machine, like the Iphone, the labelling machine not only works, but also beautiful, has the function of raising eyes;Security features.The humanized labeling opportunity considers the possible risk factors and measures to prevent the occurrence of personal injury.Extensible functionality.The labelling machine is not invariable, it can increase the expansion module with the increase of automation degree, and meet various application needs.

Labeling machine development has finally reached its peak, as consumer consumption idea and the pursuit of simple life, labeling machine, the more the love of the masses, for the labeling machine is a rare opportunity for development, because the public likes and needs so the development of the labeling machine work very hard, and humanization reform makes the status of labeling machine in the packaging market and sales rising continuously, although labeling machine is not the most advanced experience of the equipment, but the labeling machine is the most advanced equipment, advanced nature determines the development of the equipment level, labeling machine is standing on the development of the top.

Humanized labeling way reflected in labeling machine, such as labeling machine in the future there will be more humanized operation mode, and the humanized design will be more better, and the labeling machine is equipment for rising star to open a new road.