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Pre-shipment Test For The Manual Labeling Machine

- Oct 19, 2017 -


Pre-shipment test for the manual labeling machine

This labeling machine was ordered by Libyan customers for the labeling of 10ml essential oil bottles.

Now we are doing the test before shipment,maybe the express will come to pick it up in the afternoon.

This machine is standard,and used for round bottles and stand-alone labeling.If your bottle has a prominent part, we can also customize the mold according to your bottle.

This machine has a proper structure, reliable performance, and easy operation. It uses photoelectric detection that guarantees accurate labeling.

1) Application of advanced labeling device to ensure the labeling precision;

2) Strong adaptability to be able to label bottles of all varieties;

3) Adjustable sensitivity of the optical eye of the label which can identify the backing paper of the label with varied transmittance to make comparison, adjust light sensitivity, optimally adjust the labels with different lengths, and accurately guarantee normal, smooth and correct labeling;

4) Most devices, including the stand, label feeder, catch pin, and fastener, use stainless steel and aluminum profile that are rust-proof, free of pollution, and able to meet the GMP environmental requirements.

5) All the control parts of the system have international standardization certification and have undergone strict factory inspection in order to guarantee the reliability of their functions.