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RO Water Treatment Equipment In Cosmetic Factory 2

- Nov 07, 2017 -


This is two stages RO water treatment equipment with EDI,the conductivity of outlet water is less than 1 µs/cm.Because of the cosmetics has high quality requirements,this water treatment also comes with EDI system.

EDI (Electrodeionization) water treatment technology is a revolutionary ,It cleverly electrodialysis and ion exchange technology integration, without acid , and continuous preparation High quality water . It has advanced technology, simple operation, good environmental characteristics , represents a Kinds of industries. Its appearence is a revolutionary advancement in water treatment technology , water marks Industrial final round into the ranks of the green industry . EDI device consists of a booster pump , electro-deionization (EDI) Membrane block , DC power supply , flow meters , instruments and other components. Qualified RO product water pressurized by the booster pump

Into the EDI system , EDI mixed ion exchange resin membrane stack will continue to remove the overcast raw water ,Cations , and through the module so that the current will produce hydrogen and hydroxide ions in the vicinity of the water molecules female mold Ions, ionized hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions to the mixed ion exchange resin regeneration , the simultaneous exchange

To the anion and cation through counter-proliferation by the yin and yang membrane into the membrane concentrated water discharge chamber , respectively . Electrical regeneration over Process so that the system does not require downtime EDI does not require the traditional recycling equipment can achieve sustained production of high-By weight of deionized water.