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The Working Principle And Advantages Of High Shear Emulsifier

- Nov 11, 2017 -

The working principle and advantages of high shear emulsifier.

High shear emulsifying machine is widely used in paint printing ink, food, edible pigment, filling food, chocolate, coat, syrup, spices and various additives, etc.), medical (ointment, cream, lotion, cream, and various vitamin, etc.), pesticide, daily chemical, detergent, shampoo, cosmetic cream/ointment, toothpaste, hair dye, etc.), paraffin solution, petrochemical industry, adhesives, silicone rubber, polyester sulfide solution,, hot melt adhesive, polyurethane, etc.), and other areas of the production.

Working principle:

The working head of a high shear mixing emulsifier consists of a rotor capable of rotating at high speed and a stationary stator. Pigment slurry in the high shear mixing emulsification machine to achieve dispersion and emulsification process, roughly following the four-step polymerization:

  1. The rotor generates centrifugal force when rotating at a high speed, so that the pigment slurry in the middle part of the rotor is thrown out from the radial direction. Pigment slurry outside the work area from the work of the upper and lower feed zone at the same time by the axial suction into the working chamber.

  2. The strong centrifugal force will move the pigment slurry from the radial to the stator and the space between the rotor, and be subjected to centrifugal extrusion, impact and other forces, so that the pigment pulp is initially dispersed and emulsified.

  3. In the outer end of high-speed rotation rotor , forming a strong hydraulic shear, tear collision, the pigment paste fully dispersed, emulsified and broken, and then discharged through the stator.

Pigment slurry of high speed injection, the container wall under the action of pigment paste change flow direction, the formation of upper and lower two strands of flipping flow, work flow to the head of the upper and lower feed area, after several cycles, finally complete the dispersing and emulsifying process.

In addition, taking into account the particularity of chemical processes, emulsifying machine disperser homogenizer can be equipped with frequency control, heating, cooling, pressure, vacuum, vacuum and other devices, so that the effect of mixed emulsification perfection.


Advantages of high shear mixing emulsifying machine mainly compared with the traditional sand grinding technology, pigment dispersion effect is better, higher product quality, higher production efficiency, convenient cleaning, save manpower and power grid reduces the production cost.Using high shear mixing emulsifier, it takes less time to achieve the target fineness of the product.According to the calculation of 500 litres per batch, the thickness of the pigment slurry to 200um is only 0.5-1hour.In addition, the quality of the pigment slurry can be achieved with a high degree of fineness. Such as can make the slurry achieve the fineness of 0.5 to 20um.Which is difficult to grind the traditional sand mill to 10um or less.