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The Working Principle And Product Advantage Of Pneumatic Lifting Dispersion Machine

- Nov 17, 2017 -

Pneumatic lifting mixer with simple lifting, good mixing effect, beautiful structure, low price and high performance for small pilot production, widely used in factories, research institutions, universities and other small batch production; equipment can be equipped with inverter Level speed control, can run for a long time, stable and low noise; stirring blades in various forms, to choose from, easy replacement; lifting structure cylinder as the actuator, environmental pollution, small batch production is the ideal equipment.

一,pneumatic lifting mixer product advantages

1, high mixing efficiency, good product quality

Shihe industry has many years of experience in all kinds of mixer applications, according to the characteristics of the material, the mixing effect of different needs, select the appropriate blade form and speed, which can quickly make the fluid laminar flow, turbulent flow of state mixing, Making the fluid exist in both axial and radial motion, continuous state of the state will be able to get a uniform mixing of the mixture.

2, easy to operate, safe

Equipment with locking and lifting handle, can quickly lift and fixed; electronic control system and equipment integration; with pull cylinder clamping device;

3, easy to move

Equipment footprint small, with casters and foot brake device, easy to move fixed

4, non-standard strong

Can be customized for various types of non-standard products, such as explosion-proof, airtight, material replacement for material contact SS304 \ SS316L type, with different specifications cylinder.

二,Pneumatic lifting mixer working principle

Pneumatic lifting mixer blade stirring in the power unit driven by a fixed direction of rotation; in the rotation process, to drive the material to do axial rotation and radial rotation. Mixer material, there is both axial and circular motion, and thus there are shear mixing and diffusion mixing several forms of agitation. Can effectively disperse the material, stirring.

Pneumatic lifting mixer through the valve rotation or solenoid valve control to achieve the work of the cylinder, the use of cylinder lift motor and work head lift.