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Vacuum Homogenizing Emulsifier How To Operate

- Nov 17, 2017 -

   Vacuum homogenizing unit is composed of main pot, oil pot, water pot, electrical control system, hydraulic system, vacuum system and rack.The main pot consists of homogeneous mixing pot, homogeneous mechanism and two - way stirring mechanism.

Steps / methods:

1,Connect the vacuum homogeneous emulsion electromechanical source, the power supply is consistent, and pay attention to the ground wire reliable grounding, turn on the main power switch, turn on the controller power supply, indicating the light.

2,Correct connect all the pipes of the homogenous pot (including the spillway, outlet and drain, etc.).

3,Before the vacuum work,must check whether the emulsifying machine pot is pressed with the pot lid, the pot mouth, the material cover, etc., should be tightly sealed and reliable.Close all the valve ports on the lid, then open the vacuum valve on the lid, then open the vacuum pump vacuum, close the vacuum pump after the requirement, and close the vacuum valve.

4,Homogeneous cutting, scraper mixing: After feeding (debugging, water can be used instead) and then open the corresponding control switch to control the operation of the homogenizer and scraper mixing operation. Stirring should also be activated before starting to check whether the mixing wall scraping abnormal, if any, should be immediately ruled out.

5,The vacuum pump can be operated under the condition of seal of the homogenous pot.If there is a special need to open the air start pump, the operation cannot take 3 minutes.

6,The vacuum pump is strictly prohibited to operate without working fluid.It is forbidden to clog the exhaust port when the pump is running.

7,Regularly check the lubricating oil and grease in the parts and bearings, and replace the clean lubricating oil and grease in time.

8,Keep the homogenizer clean.Every time the material is to be stopped or changed, it should be cleaned the contact part of the working fluid, especially the cutting wheel cutting sleeve of the head, the sliding bearing and axle sleeve inside the uniform shaft sleeve.After cleaning and reassembling the backhand rotating impeller should be free of the lag phenomenon, the two flanges of the pot body and the lid of the pot should be switched to the right, no other abnormality can start the operation.

9,The cleaning of all emulsified wok is handled by the user according to standard.