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Water Purification Equipment Development Trend Analysis

- Feb 07, 2017 -

1, strong support domestic reverse osmosis membrane module manufacturer, the membrane module production in China in the international market place, attracting major international production enterprises in China to build a pure reverse osmosis membrane water treatment equipment factory, to promote the development of the industry.

2, pure water production and the development of the water treatment industry as a whole to support domestic small and medium industries provide good business opportunities, commercial enterprises, enterprises should timely production of high levels of materials, accessories or the introduction of industry, in order to synchronize with the water treatment industry development.

3, complete sets of production enterprises should further improve the level of technological design, enhance the level of production, installation of equipment, and improve investment efficiency, reduce energy consumption and improve water utilization, qualified enterprises should be targeting the international advanced level, increasing international competitiveness, to promote the development of industry-wide.