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What's The Pipeline High-shear Dispersed Emulsifier

- Jan 25, 2018 -

What's the pipeline high-shear dispersed emulsifier

Pipeline high-shear dispersed emulsion is used for production or recycling of materials, high-performance precision equipment, in a narrow space of the body cavity, the group with 1-3 dual occlusion of the multi-storey and rotor, rotor in the motor driven High-speed rotate a strong axial suction inhalation chamber will be material. Within the shortest time possible spread of materials, cut, emulsion processing, distribution of particle size also significantly narrowed. This fine can be obtained the long-term stability of the product.


Fine chemical (pigment,glue,sealing compound,resin emulsifying,germicidal agent,coagulating agent)
Petroleum chemical(1ubricating grease,diesel emulsifying,asphalt modification,catalyst,paraffin emulsification)
Bio-pharmacy(injection,antibiotic,ointment,biopreparate,capsule emulsification,sugar coating)
Coating&oil inks(printing ink,emulsion coating,construction coating,auto paint,coating auxiliary agent)
Pesticides (bactericidal agent,seed coating agent,herbicide,pesticide emulsified oil,fertilizer,biological pesticide)
Nanometer material (dispersing and dispolymerizing nanometer material,extracting nanometer products in chemical reaction)
Food industry (juice,jam.jelly,ice cream,dairy products,additive,tea drinking)
Daily Chemicals (detergent,shampoo,cream,lipstick,cleaning facial milk,daily essence)
Paper making (pulp,adhesive,rosin emulsification,paper making additive,resin emulsification)


Mass production suitable for continuous production of industrialized assembly line
Small diameter range,and highly even
Time saving,highly efficient and energy saving
Low noise,stable operation
Reduced quality difference between lots
Material is fully dispersed snd sheared
Daliver in short distancc with low lift
Easy operation,convenient maintenance
automatic control