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Why Choose Fixed Type Emulsifying Machine

- Dec 01, 2017 -

Fixed-type emulsification machine is for large-volume production of products, fixed means that its lid is connected with the pot body and can not be separated. Fixed Vacuum emulsifier mainly by the pretreatment pot, the main pot, vacuum pumps, hydraulic, electrical control systems and other components. The material will be sucked into the main pot for mixing, homogeneous emulsification after been fully dissolved in Water pot and the oil pot. Its main function is the same as lift-type emulsifier with shear, emulsification function. Mainly used in biomedicine; food industry; day care products; paint inks; nano-materials; petrochemicals; dyeing auxiliaries; paper industry; pesticides and fertilizers; plastics and rubber;


Why choose fixed type emulsifying machine?

1. The height of the plant is relatively low

2. Price more competitive

When the choice of fixed emulsifier, there will be some customers have questions, that is, when finished a pot of material, the workers how to clean the machine?

At the top of the pot we have a CIP shower system. In general, capacity below 500L will have a  top sprinkler system, capacity bigger than 500L will have 2-3 sprinkler ball on the lip.With hot water and some solvent,the pot can be cleaned clearly.


1.This device has a unique endoscopic device, a cleaning scraper under glass, with a closed-end lighting for operations staff always observe the emulsification case materials. Main pot heating using steam heating mezzanine, the outer insulation to prevent burns staff to ensure production safety.

2.The main emulsification pot has advanced scraper agitator in operation under the effect of Centrifugal force,the PTFE scraper will close to the pot wall, effectively solve the problem of the pot wall sticky material, do not stay dead, no ideal level control devices, the speed can be adjusted within 0-63 r / min range, homogenizer (optional frequency control) located at the top, strong balance isotactic curve with the corresponding stator structure, to achieve high energy fluid shear, milling, thus ensuring paste delicate, shiny.

3.The device consists of electrical control cabinets ,vacuum emulsification pot ,water pot and oil pot composition.