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Why Should We Choose Different Emulsifying Machine

- Jan 10, 2018 -

Why should we choose different emulsifying machine

During the emulsification process, the selection of emulsifying equipment and the choice of emulsifier directly affect the emulsification result of the material.


We all know that in the emulsifying tank complete mixing oil and water two phase emulsifying equipment is emulsifying machine, but the emulsification machine is just a floorboard of emulsification equipment, many types of the emulsifying machine or segmentation, mainly has: mixing type emulsifying machine, vacuum emulsifying machine and the homogenizer, etc.They are all emulsified equipment, but they have their own characteristics and advantages.This needs us according to their emulsification material and is required to select the emulsification equipment, because different emulsifying machine its structure, performance, and the quality of the material formed by emulsion liquid is different.

For example, our commonly used cosmetics,in the production process, it choiced is agitator emulsifying machine, because it is not only structure simple, and the price is relatively cheap, reasonable structure are enough to complete material emulsion.But if you want the emulsion effect more better, we recommended that you choose the other two kinds of mixing type, because the dispersibility and stability of the emulsion they made are better than stirring emulsification machine.

In addition to emulsifying machine let us face the choice, in the process of emulsification, there is one thing we also need to carefully choose is the emulsifier, which is a surfactant that can help the material in the emulsification process to form a relatively stable opacity liquid.

Different industries, the choice of emulsifying equipment and emulsifiers are different.