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high shear Homogenizer definition

- Apr 29, 2017 -

Homogenizer definition

Homogenizer is mainly used in the field of biotechnology scattered tissue, pharmaceutical field sample preparation, food industry enzyme treatment, food pesticide residues and veterinary drug residue detection and in the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry, paint industry and petrochemical and so on. The homogenizer uses a stainless steel system to effectively separate the surface of the body sample and the contained microbiological sample. The sample is packed in a disposable sterile homogeneous bag and does not come into contact with the instrument to meet the requirements of rapid, accurate and reproducible Good request.

The homogenizer is made of a stainless steel system that effectively separates the surface of the body sample and the contained microbiological sample. The sample is packed in a disposable sterile homogeneous bag and is not in contact with the instrument. It is homogeneous and soft. Pollution, no damage, no warming, no sterilization, no need to wash the characteristics of the vessel to meet the fast, accurate results, good repeatability requirements.


Homogenizer is a kind of equipment for homogenization / emulsification of liquid material (liquid-liquid phase or liquid-solid phase) with viscosity less than 0.2Pa.s and temperature less than 80 ℃. Mainly used in food or chemical Industry, such as: dairy, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other products in the production process of homogenization, emulsification process.

The use of homogenizer in food processing: homogenizer in food processing refers to the material of the material in the extrusion, strong shock and loss of pressure under the triple effect of the material refinement, so that the material can be more uniform Mixed with each other,

For example, the use of homogenization in the processing of dairy products to make the fat in the milk broken more small, so that the entire product system more stable. Milk will look more white. Homogenization is carried out mainly through a homogenizer. It is an important processing equipment for food, dairy and beverage industry.

Homogenizer working principle:

Rotor and stator with precision, working head (rotor and stator forgings) claw structure, two-way suction, high shear efficiency.

The intermittent high shear dispersion emulsifier homogenizer is formed by high speed smooth rotation of the rotor, forming high frequency, strong circumferential tangential velocity, angular velocity and other integrated kinetic energy


The effect of the stator under the action of the stator, the rotor in a reasonable narrow gap in the formation of a strong, reciprocating hydraulic shear, friction, centrifugal extrusion, liquid collision and other comprehensive effects, the material in the container cycle above the work process, the final Get the product.

Homogenizer Features:

· Stable operation, low noise, easy to clean, flexible and can be used continuously, the material can be ultra-fine dispersion, emulsification. Can be widely applied to industrial production of emulsification, homogenization and dispersion.

Can make the material in the crowded research. Strong impact and loss of pressure under the triple effect of the material to refine the mixture. This equipment is an important equipment for food, dairy, beverage and other industries.

· Milk and other milk drinks, under high pressure homogenization, can make dairy liquid fat ball significantly refined, so that its products easy to digest and absorb after consumption, improve the use of value.

For the production of ice cream and other products, can improve the liquid material cleanliness and the degree of loose, so that the inherent texture significantly improved.

Used in the production of emulsion, glue, etc. It can prevent or reduce the material layer, improve the appearance of the liquid material, make it more bright color, fragrance thicker, more alcohol taste.

The homogenizer normally installed in vacuum homogenizer mixer machine and liquid shampoo mixer tank for cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.