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1-15ml Liquid Eyeliner Mascara Pneumatic Filling Machine

Mascara filling machine Operation and maintenance instructions (SLDK series) 1. Panel operation 1)power OFF / ON: will control the entire machine's power supply.

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1-15ml Liquid Eyeliner Mascara Pneumatic Filling Machine

Mascara filling machine
Operation and maintenance instructions
(SLDK series)

1. Panel operation
1)power OFF / ON: will control the entire machine's power supply.
2)single-action / linked: single-action pedal is used to open a single operation, the first step to filling a job; linkage is a continuous duplication of work.
3)pump feed rate: Adjust the pumping speed of material movement; clockwise rotation is reduced, counterclockwise rotation for the add. When the body of comparative material should be pumping viscous material slow down in order to ensure quantitative accuracy.
4)the injection material speed: adjust the speed of injection material movement; clockwise rotation is reduced, counterclockwise rotation for the add. Body under the thin material adjustment to the appropriate rate of consistency, if the body is thinner materials to be spilled when the speed is too fast.
5)quantitative nut: clockwise rotation is reduced, counter-clockwise to increase.

2.Fourth, the machine debugging
1)power supply (single phase 220V 50HZ), turn the power switch (with power power indicator will light).
2)connected to gas source (3-6KG/CM2).
Air connection (see Figure III)
Air connection: coherent source tube.
Lock nut: Adjust the air pressure size, "+"to boost, "-"for the buck, adjust the air pressure before the need to pull up the lock nut up and down the press after a good tune down.
Water bottle filter: Filter the water vapor in air.
Outlet: When a water bottle when the water treatment, water treatment up to the top of the bottle of water outfall drain.
Pneumatic filler: The oil bottle from which to refuel.
Fuel bottle: pneumatic system components for the machine oil, a fuel shall not exceed 50ML, half a year.
3)Take a small amount of cleaning fluid in the barrel, the maximum position of quantitative nuts, ride clean pump action foot switch until clean.
4)adjusted to the required quantitative approximate location of the nut filling and adjust the alignment until quantification.

1)open the barrel cover is sure to relieved the pressure inside the drums!
2)do not hand in work activities to avoid injury cylinder!
3)the pressure shall not exceed the maximum use of air pressure!

3. Cleaning
1) more than expected within the barrel release, clean and clear.
2)step filling action foot switch several times more than expected within the pump discharge.
3)to maximum at the quantitative nuts, add the shortening and filling in the cleaning bucket until clean.

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