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Characteristics of Homogenizer

- Feb 07, 2017 -

• Stable operation, low noise, easy cleaning, flexibility, can be used continuously, the material available for ultrafine dispersion, emulsification, can be widely used in industrial production of emulsifying, homogenizing and dispersing.

• The liquid in the crowded Institute. strong shock and loss of expansion under the triple role of refined mixing, this equipment food. dairy. important equipment of the beverage industry.

• Milk, soy milk and other dairy beverages is homogenized under high pressure, can make the ball of fat in dairy liquid refined so that after eating its products easier to digest and improve value.

• Used for production of ice cream and other products, can increase the degree of fineness, cleanliness of liquid and loose, making the inner texture improved.

• For emulsion. glue. juice. grout production, can play to prevent or reduce the score of the feed, improving the appearance of the liquid, making it a more vivid color, stronger aroma, taste more alcohol.