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working principle of homogenizer emulsifier 1

- Apr 13, 2017 -

Working Principle Of Homogenizer Emulsifier

Emulsifier is through the high-speed rotation of the homogeneous head connected to the engine, the material is cut, scattered, impact. So that the material will become more delicate, to promote oil and water blend. Widely used in cosmetics, shower gel, sunscreen, and so many cream products are used to emulsifier. Food industry in the sauce, fruit juice and so on. Ointment in the pharmaceutical industry. Petrochemical, paint and other paint ink will use the emulsifier.


Definition of vacuum emulsifier

Vacuum emulsifier mainly refers to the material in a vacuum state, the use of high shear emulsifier quickly and evenly one phase or multiple phase distribution to another continuous phase, the use of mechanical energy generated by the strong, so that the material in the The rotor is narrowed in the gap, with hundreds of thousands of times of hydraulic shear per minute. Centrifugal extrusion impact tearing and other comprehensive effects, instantly evenly dispersed emulsification, after a high frequency of the cycle, and ultimately get no bubbles and delicate and stable high-quality products.


The main constituent system (HOMOGENIZER)

     Vacuum emulsifier mainly by the water phase pot, oil pan, emulsified mixing pan, vacuum system, lift system (optional), electrical control system (optional PLC), operating platform and other components.

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