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Blender The Correct Operation Method

- Feb 07, 2017 -

1. blender should start working before, must be carefully reviewed, and deemed eligible through a null test can be executed after the power is switched on.

2. mixer secondary leakage protection, you should test the appropriateness of commissioning when the mixing drum rotation speed, under normal circumstances, with special speed weight (after loading) is slightly faster 2 ~ 3 to make more difference, you should adjust the proportion of gears and driving wheels.

3. the mixer mixing drum rotation direction should be consistent with, according to the direction of the arrow is not consistent, and should correct the motor wiring.

4. check transmission clutch and brake is flexible, reliable, and wire rope damage, track pulleys are fine, surrounded by barrier-free and lubricate parts and so on.

5. boot, regular Blender parts operation is normal, when the machine is stopped, always check the mixer blade bent, it has eliminated or loose screws.