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Essential Oil Automatic Filling Packing Line Machine

- Mar 14, 2018 -

essential oil automatic filling packing line machine


Oil Filling & Corking & Capping Machine 
This model gathers mechanical, pneumatic, automatic as one unity. Great features such as high automatization and high yield, widely using, good stability make this model more popular. 
More functions: automatic bottle transit, automatic bottle detecting(No bottle, no filling) and filling, and automatic cap setting and capping. It's quite suitable for high error  materials .Comparing with oversea products, this one is more competitive: 
单头半自动精油灌 (1).jpg

技术参数Machine Specification 
装量Filling Volume : 5ml、10ml、20ml、30ml 
产量Yield : 40-50 bottle/min (The maximum production is according to none liquid drop while filling) 
装量精度Filling Accuracy: ≥99% 
落盖成品率Corking Yield Rate: ≥99% 
旋盖成品率Capping Yield Rate: 99.9% 
主机功率Power: 1KW  220V single-phase stepless change