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Facial Mask And Cosmetics Manufacture Machines For GMP Installing In Guangzhou 2

- Mar 30, 2017 -

Facial mask and cosmetics manufacture machines for GMP installing in Guangzhou 2

This factory is installing in Jianggao Guangzhou,it's trading for OEM and ODM.Special in facial mask ,facial cream and lotions.Any kind of masks and cosmetic for facial can be manuafactured here.

Here showing one picture of our cute engineer,so great he finished all the project with his team.

vacuum homogenizer16.jpg

Automatic mask bag filling and sealing machine for different kind of mask bags and liquid formula,very big capacity with three automatic mask bag filling sealing machine.

vacuum homogenizer09.jpg

Automatic mask box/case packing machine ,4-10 pics in one box is standard packing,according to your customers,however the numbers can be set.

vacuum homogenizer06.jpg