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Factors That Affect The Homogenization Effect

- Jan 23, 2018 -

Factors that affect the homogenization effect

The main factors that influence the homogenization effect are: material temperature, material flow rate, material fat content, homogenous pressure, etc.

1.Temperature.In order to homogenize the fat globules, the milk fat in the globule must be in a liquid state, that is , the material temperature must be higher than 35 ℃.The material temperature is between 35 and 50 degrees,with the increase of temperature, the homogenization effect was obviously enhanced.However, when the temperature increases to a certain extent, the effect of the homogenization effect is less and less.When the material with high fat content, the homogenization effect increases with temperature.

2.Homogenizer pressure.In general, the lower the fat content of the material, the homogeneous effect increases with increasing homogeneous pressure.When the material containing fat is high, the effect of homogeneous pressure on the homogenization effect is getting smaller and smaller.

3.Material fat content.With the increase of fat content, the homogenization effect decreased gradually, but with the increase of homogenization pressure, the decline range has also increased.

4.Flow rate.When the material containing fat is low, the homogenization effect is almost unaffected   by the flow rate. However, when the fat content is high, the homogenization effect changes with the flow rate.