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Hydraulic Lifting Homogenizer Introduction

- Dec 30, 2017 -

Hydraulic lifting homogenizer is through the method of mechanical external force makes the liquid - liquid, solid - liquid material particle size Narrows, make an uniform distribution to the other one or more phases, to refine homogeneous, scattered emulsification effect, to form a stable emulsion.The working head of hydraulic lift emulsification machine is made of stainless steel forging. According to different emulsification requirements, various working head structure of the equipment is required, and the lifting of hydraulic lifting emulsification machine is controlled by hydraulic control.

Working principle:

The precision machining process of hydraulic lifting homogenizer and the highly coordinated between the rotating and stator.A strong motor makes a high speed rotation to create a vacuum between the rotating and the stator, and the material is inhaled from the top and bottom of the rotor.Strong kinetic energy make rotor produce high linear velocity , make the material in the rotator and stator gap after a strong impact, broken, centrifugal squeeze, liquid friction, strong shear after the fly-out in a variety of different directions of the role of force Under, produce strong turbulence.Materials in the right amount of emulsifier and mature process after repeated cycles of disassembly, dispersion, homogenization, refinement, shear to produce a stable emulsion.


Hydraulic lifting homogenizer widely used in food and beverage, paint, ink, paper, adhesives, lubricants, pesticides, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals. Suitable for the emulsification and homogenization of low, medium and high viscosity fluids, such as water-based oil-based inks, industrial paints and wood coatings, various color pastes, pesticide suspensions, asphalt, juice jams, pulp, biodiesel, lubricants, creams, lipsticks, Products, textile auxiliaries, pharmaceutical syrup and so on.

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