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indication of homogenizer emulsifier of vacuum mixer for cosmetic cream and paste

- May 13, 2017 -

Homogeneous machine application industry

Used in biomedicine; food industry; daily care products; paint ink; nano-materials; petrochemical; printing and dyeing auxiliaries; paper industry; pesticide fertilizer; plastic rubber; power electronics; other fine chemical industry.

Homogenizer in the application of soy milk: homogeneous soy milk under high pressure from the homogeneous valve slit out. Fat globules, proteins and other particles in the shear force, impact and hole effect under the joint action, to refine. Forming a uniform dispersion. To prevent fat floating, protein precipitation, increase the milky milk brightness, improve the stability of soybean milk.

Soybean milk homogenization effect by the homogeneous pressure. Homogeneous temperature and homogeneity of the three factors. The homogeneous pressure is limited by the equipment. Soy milk production can be 20 ~ 30MPa pressure for homogenization. Homogeneous temperature is generally controlled at 55 ~ 65 ℃ between the more appropriate. Homogeneous times 1 to 2 times.


Homogeneous processes can be placed before the sterilization of soy milk. Can also be placed after sterilization. The two arrangements have their own advantages and disadvantages, homogeneous on the sterilization before the sterilization process to a certain extent, destruction of homogeneous effect. Soybean milk is prone to oil lines. But the use of this process to reduce the chance of pollution after sterilization. Storage is more secure. Equipment costs are relatively low. And after homogeneous soy milk and then enter the sterilizer is not easy to scale. If the homogenization on the sterilization, the above situation is just the opposite.

Homogenizer in the application of raw milk: in the strong mechanical action 16.7 ~ 20.6MPa will be large breast fat ball broken into small fat ball. So that it is uniformly dispersed in the milk. Can effectively prevent the fat ball floating. In the production of pasteurized milk. The position of the homogenizer is usually in the first heat recovery section of sterilization. In the indirect heating of ultra-high temperature sterilization milk production, homogenization machine before sterilization. In the direct heating of ultra-high temperature sterilized milk production. Homogenizer after sterilization. Therefore, a sterile homogenizer should be used. Homogeneous not only can prevent the fat ball floating, but also has some other advantages: the homogeneous milk fat ball after the diameter of reduced, easily digested and absorbed by the body. Homogenization makes milk protein clumps soften. Promote digestion and absorption, in the production of enzyme cheese, homogenization can accelerate the milk coagulation, milk products more consistent flavor.

Preheat is required before homogenization. (16.7 ~ 20.6MPa), the purpose is to break the fat ball, the second paragraph homogeneous use of low pressure (3.4 ~ 4.9), the second paragraph homogeneous use of low pressure (3.4 ~ 4.9 MPa), the purpose is to disperse the broken small fat ball, to prevent adhesion.

Homogenizer in the application of citrus juice: citrus juice by centrifugal separation, the pulp particles have been quite uniform. In order to further refine the particles. After centrifugation can be homogenized machine with 20 ~ 35MPa pressure homogenization.

Homogenizer in the flat peach fruit juice drink application: the use of 25 ~ 35MPa of homogeneous pressure. Enhance the affinity of pectin and fruit juice, at the same time can improve the stability of fruit juice, reduce the particle size and density between the particles to prevent the slurry layer of precipitation, and the organization evenly sticky, delicate taste.